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A Landmark of the City of New York on the National Register of Historic Buildings
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History and Highlights from the Book

Cover of book Ear*Inn*Virons: History of the Landmark James Brown House"Dwarfed by industrial buildings and new residential towers, the little brick and wood frame James Brown House is the spiritual hub of Manhattan's West Soho neighborhood. The building's present incarnation as home of the popular Ear Inn pub is only the latest in a long and fascinating history.

Click to enlarge -Map depicting the Colonial farm boundaries overlaid by the modern street grid.

This history section highlights excerpts from the book "Ear *Inn*Virons: History of the Landmark James Brown House."  Ear*Inn*Virons traces the heritage and legends of this New York City landmark; through this tale, it also chronicles the history and culture of the vibrant West Soho neighborhood.

James Brown House 
326 Spring Street  NYC 10013  212-219-8026

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