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A Landmark of the City of New York on the National Register of Historic Buildings
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[In the News]

“More like it used to be, than it ever was….”

Overheard about the Ear:

Intimate, charmingly seedy and evocative of another century.
- Newsday Magazine, 1982

A dump with dignity…
- NY Times, 1994

Last of the neighborhood places…
- George Peck, Downtown Express, 1995

What a friendy bar! They even know their ghost by name.
- Daily News, 1996

A breeding ground of urban myths.
- Kate Sekules, New York Magazine, 1997

The House relies on the kindness of neighbors for structural and spiritual support.
- David Firestone, NY Times, 1998

The neighborhood-in-all-but-name's defining institution.
- Doug Cooper, NY Times 2000

Garnering the endearment of poets and plumbers alike, the crowd at the Ear is eclectic on the verge of miscellaneous, yet utterly at ease with its  disparities.
- Melissa Robbins, Downtown Express, 2000

The antithesis of slick… seafarers in need of divey relief and homemade grub call it a great place to have one more and beg all to lend an ear.
- Zagat Survey, 2001

“...the ceilings are not too low for a stunted bow legged seadog ... kept dark to protect the innocent.”
- NY Sun, 2002

As long as the Chinese don't drink and the Irish don't cook, this place will
last forever…

- La Zi

"The weakest ink outlives the strongest memory." - Confucius

Ear Inn in the News


"Rivers Edge: Rip Hayman remembers the downtown shore as it used to be " see Tribeca Trib Article (PDF 313 kb)


Ear Inn building celebrated at tour event (From Downtown Express August 26 - September 1, 2003 Issue) <Adobe Acrobat - 223 kb><Downtown Express online article>


Speakeasy to Landmark: The Ear Inn Story: (by Oliver Allen, from Tribeca Trib February, 2003


James Brown House 
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