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Late 19th Century to Prohibition

Hardacres Temperance Map Illustrating the Effect of Alcoholic Drinks and Narcotics on the Human System

Hardacres Temperance Map Illustrating the Effect of Alcoholic Drinks and Narcotics on the Human System (PDF 220 kb)


Thomas Cloke

In the early 1890s an Irish immigrant named Thomas Cloke purchased 324 and 326 Spring St.  Cloke's business was selling beer and liquor to ships and the dockside location was perfect for him.  Cloke sold the business in 1919 as prohibition loomed.

Thomas and Ellen Jeffers Cloke with their daughter Mary Foley.

THomas and Ellen Jeffers Cloke with their daughter Mary Foley.

Cloke Business Card


Produced for the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, this book contains descriptions of around 400 Manhattan alcohol wholesalers, retailers, bars, restaurants and hotels.


THOS. CLOKE & CO., Wholesale Liquor Dealers, No. 326 Spring Street.
Among the many excellent and trustworthy houses in the wholesale branch of this line, especial attention is directed to the establishment of Messrs.Thomas Cloke & Co., located at the above address, with a branch house at No. 204 East One Hundred and Twentieth Street. They are direct receivers of all the leading brands of whiskies from the prominent producing centers, and few houses have the facility and ability to exercise better taste in the selection of prime stock than is possessed by them. Mr. Cloke is a middle-aged gentleman, born in Ireland, and a resident of the United States for about twenty-three years. Though only established since 1888, Mr. Cloke can point with justifiable pride to a thriving business of enviable proportions. He has ten men in his employ, and keeps in stock a very complete line of all varieties and grades of wines and liquors, which are the best value in the city for the moderate prices asked. The main part of the trade is done in the city and surrounding country, and goods are sold either in bulk, in bottle or case lots. Mr. Cloke is also an extensive dealer in the best grades of China, Japan and India teas, and choice domestic cigars. The trade in these lines forms an important item in the aggregate of the business. Cigars are sold in no smaller lots that five hundred, and from that figure up to any amount that is ordered. The brands offered are faithfully maintained at the highest standard of excellence, and for fine flavor, finish and quality, challenge comparison with any similar goods in the market. Mr. Cloke is an experienced man, standing in the highest esteem with the business world for his energy, ability and probity.

James Brown House 
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